Privacy Overview

We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of WEF event attendees, participants in the WEF event network, and our website users. This policy applies to Westminster Energy Ltd (WE Ltd) acting as a ‘data controller’ with regard to the professional data pertaining to our service users. You may instruct us to provide you with any personal information we hold about you subject to appropriate evidence of your identity. You may instruct us at any time not to process your personal information for delivering the future activities of the WEF.

The ‘WEF Network’ 

We may process personal data that has been provided to us in the course of the use of our services for the purposes of either inviting or registering individuals to WEF seminars that are directly relevant to their roles, and / or in order to facilitate that organisation’s effective membership of the WEF.   The ‘WEF Network’ is here deemed to include the member companies of the WEF, our affiliate organizations (known as our Knowledge Transfer Network – KTN), and external corporations who routinely attend WEF seminars (twice or more during the WEF annual programme of events) as our specifically invited guests.  Data on individuals who belong to the WEF Network is treated in the following way - WE Ltd operates a business-to-business service, and despite it not being mandatory we still apply the principle of ‘soft consent’ regarding data on individuals of those organisations who are active in the WEF.  Where a specific individual has not been directly involved in WEF seminar activities, or has not actively responded to related communications regarding the WEF, within the past two year cycle of seminars they are expunged from the WEF database and from our email server.   Removal may also be actioned upon request.  

WE Ltd never uses commercial ‘third party’ lists and all contacts in the WEF Network have been obtained through direct contact either with the individuals concerned or with representative bodies (eg trade associations) who are authorized to share their information in matters of mutual interest and cooperation (eg joint seminar organisation, invitation etc.)

Data held

Data held by us on any individual is limited to the following information:

First name, Last name, Job Title, Organisation, Email address, Telephone Number, Office address, Assistant’s name, email, phone number, WEF Seminars registered for – date, event topic, WEF Seminars attended – date, event topic.   For Member organisations of the WEF, as distinct to organisations who are active within our Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) or external non-member corporates, we will also retain some additional information regarding our commercial relationship with them.  This includes:  Budgetholder’s name, email, phone number, Our vendor number, Member’s invoice number, Invoice number and annual subscription amount, Finance office contact name, email, address, phone number.  No other personal information is retained in our database other than that above.  We do nothold any information on individualsrelating to age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, health, marital status, credit history, passport details.

All organisations who are ‘active’ and within the WEF Network (ie participation within the last two year seminar cycle) and to which the above conditions are applied are listed in the WEF Network Directory, a simple organizational listing that updated every six months and which is available upon request by organisations listed within it.  Guestlists for WEF events contain the following information only – first name, last name, job title, company name. By registering for a WEF seminar attendees consent to this limited information being published in hard copy for a WEF event, to being circulated among registrants in advance as part of the joining instructions, and to limited personal invitees of the WEF Director.

We may disclose or share the name of a participant in the WEF Network insofar as reasonably necessary for the purposes of operating the WEF programme or facilitating directly-related communications between participants.

Data Storage

All retained correspondence data is limited to direct email exchanges between WE Ltd employees and individuals of organisations within the WEF Network (KTN), or who have contacted us as an enquiry via the WEF website.   Email correspondence retained does not include personal contact information beyond the categories listed above and that also are retained within the WEF database or servers.   Emails remain on file within our  gmail server as long as the organization represented is deemed ‘live’ within the WEF Network and / or the content of an individual’s email is deemed relevant to either our relationship with them or a helpful reference to our ongoing relationship with their organisation.

We do not retain any data on visitors to the WEF website unless they register an interest via the contact form, in which instance we may hold their basic contact information for up to a year when they will either have formally become part of the WEF Network or will be discarded form our email servers and other corporate storage areas.   Any access to the password-protected areas of the WEF website to download post-event presentation files is provided by the WEF secretariat to individual users via a generic key, not via an individual-specific one, and an individual’s use of the protected area is not recorded. Website enquiries contain only information relating to the enquirer’s first name, last name, job title, organization and contact number plus any brief notes regarding the nature of their enquiry.

The hosting facilities for our website are situated the UK, with the website domain owned and operated by Westminster Energy Ltd.  All the collated information that we hold on any individual or organisation is retained within a password-protected database held in WE Ltd Googledrive, with gmail email servers used for ‘soft’ data storage of documents or correspondence and, again, are password protected in accordance with Google’s business privacy compliance with access limited to three WE Ltd employees only.  Training regarding privacy and data protection is provided to employees.

Financial Transactions

Any financial transactions relating to WEF services are handled by our payment services providers - NatWest Bank or Stripe.  We will share transaction data with our payment services providers only to the extent necessary for the purposes of processing your payments, refunding such payments and dealing with complaints and queries relating to such payments and refunds.