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The WEF's Objectives:

The purpose of the WEF is to provide a Senior UK Leadership Network & Knowledge Exchange Programme for the strategic evaluation of climate and energy transition risks.

Founded and led by Chris Lambert since 2004, the WEF functions as a small, independent and collaborative think tank, delivering nine meetings during the political year. Its primary objectives are to:

  • Convene expert practitioners in the fields of climate risk and energy transition.
  • Share strategic information on the challenges and opportunities of decarbonisation policy, investment and innovation.
  • Inform political and corporate decisions in support of Net Zero goals and ambition.
Westminster Energy Forum Mission Image


General Election Review of Energy and Climate Policy: public perceptions, and what’s next for the first 100 days of the new administration…
Rachel Brisley, Head of Energy & Environment, Ipsos
Prof. Mike Bradshaw, Co-Director, UK Energy Research Centre

IEA World Energy Investment 2024 - international energy transition stocktake
Emma Gordon, Energy and Investment Policy AnalystInternational Energy Agency

Political and Market Risks to the Delivery of the Energy Transition, and Options for their Mitigation
Clare Burgess, Head of Energy and Infrastructure, Clifford Chance

Lesley Harding, Global Head of Energy, Liberty Specialty Markets

Don McCarthy, Vice President – Growth and Sales, Jacobs ATN-International

Key goals for COP29: managing expectations, and defining what success would look like
Nigar Arpadarai MP, UN Climate Change High-Level Champion, COP29 Azerbaijan

Challenges facing Eastern European Energy Security: dilemmas and trilemmas…
His Excellency Ferenc Kumin, Ambassador to the UK, Embassy of Hungary

Political progress to date, and challenges ahead, for regional energy transitions.

Climate adaptation initiatives in the face of decarbonisation competitions and climate security challenges.
Virginia Murray, Minister Counselor for Economic AffairsUS Embassy

Cyril Robin-Champigneul, Head of Policy Section, EU Delegation to UK


Future Events

Future Events

Jul 9, 2024

The Geopolitics of the Energy Transition: Examining Risks & Resilience in the Face of Accelerating Climate Change, and in the Wake of the UK General Election

Sep 26, 2024

UK Climate & Energy Transition Risk Assessment: Implications for Policy and Markets ahead of COP

Nov 5, 2024

UK Onshore Energy System Review

Dec 10, 2024

UK Offshore Energy System Review

Jan 22, 2025

Annual post-COP Review of International Climate Risk, Resilience & Response

Mar 5, 2025

Annual UK Energy Transition Review: Progress in Context, & Risks of Derailment

May 7, 2025

Climate & Nature Risks: Implications for Financial Markets and a Resilient Transition