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The WEF's Objectives:

  • Convene expert practitioners in climate risk and energy transition by invitation.
  • Share strategic information on the challenges and opportunities of decarbonisation policy, investment and innovation.
  • Inform political and corporate decisions in support of Net Zero goals and ambitions.

Operationally, the WEF functions like a small think tank delivering two complementary workstreams, to a network of 150 organisations in the UK and overseas. Established in 2004, the two WEF workstreams now comprise eight or more high level events by invitation per year:

> Climate Risk & Resilience Assessments

> Energy System Transition Assessments

Westminster Energy Forum Mission Image


1 – Current Trends in, and the latest Economics of, the Energy Transition: Primary Risks & Uncertainties

Mike Bradshaw, Prof. of Global Energy WBS, & Co-Director, UK Energy Research Centre

Gautam Mukherjee, Head of Gas Analytics, BP

2 – Climate Risks: Trends in Capital Flows, Related Corporate Risks, and their Implications

Tara Schmidt, Sustainability & ESG Finance Director, Lloyds Banking Group 

Andrew Herring, CEO, Energy & Power, Marsh

3 – The Status of the European Energy Landscape and the Imperative of Political Coordination

Sophie Westlake, Deputy Director - International Energy Unit, Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

Andrea Amelio, First Counsellor – Competition & Energy, Delegation of the European Union to the UK

Mariko Higuchi, Deputy Head of Department for Economic & Global Affairs, Embassy of Germany

4 – UK Energy Strategy & Sector Transformation – Challenges facing Industrial Delivery 

Sam McKilligin, Director - Energy Transition, AECOM

Abhi Kohok, Subsurface Director, Ineos 

Future Events

Future Events

Sep 23, 2022

Review of Energy Transition Risks - Implications for Political & Corporate Net Zero Strategies

Oct 20, 2022

Onshore Energy System Integration: UK Strategy & Delivery

Nov 8, 2022

Frontiers in Nuclear Risk, Regulation & Insurance - No.5 (NRI closed)

Nov 30, 2022

Transitioning the North Sea - Integrating Oil & Gas with CCUS, Hydrogen & Renewables

Jan 25, 2023

Annual post-COP Review of International Climate Risk, Resilience & Response

Mar 1, 2023

UK Energy Security & Markets Winter Review – Assessing Key Challenges and Uncertainties Ahead

Apr 25, 2023

Assessing the Future Resilience of Financial Markets in the Face of Cascading Energy & Climate Risks

May 17, 2023

Global Issues in Nuclear New Build, Safety, Regulation & Insurance (NRI open)

Jun 7, 2023

UK Energy Industry Innovation, Transformation & Delivery: Progress on Energy Security and Net Zero

Jul 11, 2023

Climate Risks & World Energy Security - Reviewing the Deliverability of Net Zero