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The WEF's Objectives:

> Convene  expert practitioners in the fields of climate risk and energy transition.

> Share  strategic information on the challenges and opportunities of decarbonisation policy, investment and innovation.

> Inform  political and corporate decisions in support of Net Zero goals and ambitions.

Operationally the WEF functions like a small think tank, delivering two complementary workstreams during the political year for a network of 150 organisations in the UK and overseas. Each workstream comprises at least four high level events by invitation that provide:

> Climate Risk & Resilience Assessments - via Cross-Sector Stakeholder Insights
> Energy System Transition Assessments - via Industry Sector Reviews
Westminster Energy Forum Mission Image


UN Race to Zero progress to date, and the continued importance of a just transition
Fiona Macklin, Race to Zero Campaign Manager, COP26 High Level Climate Champions 

IPCC6 Mitigation – key outcomes and messages for delivering requisite near-term action
Prof. Michael Grubb, Bartlett School Env, Energy & Resources University College London, & Lead Author ‘Framing’ Chapter, IPCC

Cascading risks – what climate impacts should worry us most?
Ruth Townend, Research Fellow – Climate Risk and Diplomacy, Chatham House

Mitigating risks to low carbon investment and infrastructure – contingent capital flows, project insurability, and their limits…
Lesley Harding, Global Head of Energy, Liberty Group
James Pay, Partner - Energy and Resources Project Finance, Clifford Chance

UK Net Zero Strategy reviewed in the context of the UK’s COP Presidency and 2022’s disruption in energy markets
Chris Thompson, Deputy Director - Net Zero Strategy, BEIS  

Challenges for transforming for the UK energy system to deliver Net Zero targets in time
Cordi O'Hara, CEO, National Grid Ventures
Ruth Herbert, CEO, Carbon Capture & Storage Association
Margaret-Ann SplawnIndustry Advocate - Sustainability, Microsoft

Mitigating Energy Security Risks & Adapting to Climate Threats: Imperatives for a successful transition in the new world context
Dr. Revati Phalkey, Head - Climate Change and Health Unit, UK Health Security Agency
Julie Scott, Head – Energy Diplomacy, Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office


Future Events

Future Events

Jul 14, 2022

Climate Risks & World Energy Security - Reviewing the Deliverability of Global Net Zero Strategies

Sep 23, 2022

Energy Transition Risk Review - Implications for Political & Corporate Strategies

Oct 20, 2022

Onshore Energy System Integration: Strategy & Delivery

Nov 8, 2022

Frontiers in Nuclear Risk, Regulation & Insurance - No.5 (NRI closed)

Nov 30, 2022

Transitioning the North Sea - Integrating Oil & Gas with CCUS, Hydrogen & Renewables

Jan 25, 2023

Post-COP27 Review: Climate Risks, Progress with Global Energy Transitions, Economic & National Security Indicators & Implications

Mar 1, 2023

UK Energy Security & Markets Winter Briefing – Assessing Key Challenges and Uncertainties

Apr 25, 2023

International Climate Trends & Financial Resilience – Risk Indicators, Market Requirements, and Investment Interventions Ahead

May 17, 2023

Global Issues in Nuclear New Build, Safety, Regulation & Insurance (NRI open)

Jun 7, 2023

Energy Industry Innovation and Transformations to Optimise UK Energy Security and Net Zero Strategy

Jul 13, 2023

World Energy Security & Climate Risks – Reviewing the Deliverability of Global Net Zero Strategies