WEF Outreach & Continuity Programme during COVID-19


To provide a high level, collaborative series of pre-recorded online broadcasts throughout 2020 to maintain continuity during the COVID-19 hiatus for a key stakeholder community of policymakers, public bodies, industry, investors and NGOs who together are essential to the development, operation and strategic delivery of the UK’s long term Climate, Energy, & Sustainability objectives.

When people cannot physically meet in any number, and with this year being especially critical for maintain the ambition to mitigate climate risks and push low carbon transitions, we are repurposing the WEF into a virtual broadcast hub that in addition to our seminar programme will:

1.  Demonstrate the resilience of the sector at this time, and to address emerging concerns raised by regularly exploring key issues and themes in the programmes.

2.   Maintain confidence in the sector - and each other - by providing insights into key areas of common interest and showing the sector’s momentum.

3.   Show how the sector’s adaptability to the broad range of critical energy, climate and sustainability issues at this critical time is keeping the 2030 and 2050 goals alive.

We will make the Outreach project fully open and accessible to anyone during this current period, pro bono, opening the WEF website beyond the WEF ‘250’ to help share key insights concerning energy transitions, climate change and sustainability. Broadcasting will begin on April 28th. A short overview may be viewed below, with fuller details found under the Outreach 2020 tab above. To stay aware of forthcoming sessions and to access the WEF Event Archive durign the Outreach 2020 period please register a free account at https://www.westminsterenergy.org/user


Renewables Strategy, Innovation and Deployment

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 - 09:00 to 13:00 London
  • European Renewables market and power in the context of Net Zero goals

  • Policy levers and future scenarios for UK renewables deployment in the context of UK Net Zero goals

  • Flexibility and Adaptability – renewables in the context of an integrated energy system

    EDF Renewables
  • CryoBattery - Innovations in Renewable Storage

    Highview Power
  • Optimising renewable infrastructure trajectories for Net Zero

  • Impacts of Illumination - Rethinking Energy and ‘Lit Britain’

    Schneider Electric
  • Overcoming uncertainties in the delivery of low carbon transport

    FTI Consulting
  • HyNet - Update and strategy on Hydrogen network delivery