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The WEF's Objectives:

  • Convene expert practitioners in climate risk and energy transition by invitation.
  • Share strategic information on the challenges and opportunities of decarbonisation policy, investment and innovation.
  • Inform political and corporate decisions in support of Net Zero goals and ambitions.

Operationally, the WEF functions like a small think tank delivering two complementary workstreams, to a network of 150 organisations in the UK and overseas. Established in 2004, the two WEF workstreams now comprise eight or more high level events by invitation per year:

> Climate Risk & Resilience Assessments

> Energy System Transition Assessments

Westminster Energy Forum Mission Image


Session 1 

UK Climate Risk Metrics in a global context
Prof. Richard Betts, Head of Climate Impacts Research, Met Office Hadley Centre

Catastrophic risk transfer options for the range of increasing climate impacts
Glenn O’Halloran, Head of Climate and Transition Risks, Howden Capital, Advisory and Placement

PANEL: Public-Private Sector roles in building resilience to mitigate climate risk:

The changing role of Green Finance in support of the Net Zero Transition
Ben Fagan-Watson, Head of Green Finance Team, DESNEZ

Enabling a resilient, net zero transition: the role of regulation
Mark Ellis-Jones, Manager – Climate Change & Energy, Environment Agency 

The financial sector’s emerging risks from climate change – and key levers to pursue to accelerate change
Sophie Heald, Senior Climate Specialist, Ortec Finance

Session 2

Global energy fundamentals and scenarios that may materially affect the deliverability of UK Net Zero goals - market uncertainties to watch out for…
Dr. James Henderson, Director – Gas Programme, + Energy Transition Research Initiative, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Corporate perspectives and roles in delivering resilience - summary
Vanessa Harvard-Williams, Partner, Linklaters

Industry Perspectives on Risks to the Transition and Innovative, Integrated Solutions to overcome them and optimise Resilience    

Caroline Hargrove, Chief Technology Officer, Ceres Power

Prof Jim Coleman, Director of Economics, WSP



Future Events

Future Events

Sep 28, 2023

Annual pre-COP Review of UK Climate & Energy Transition Risks: Implications for Policy and Markets

Nov 2, 2023

UK Onshore Energy System Review & Winter Outlook

Nov 23, 2023

Frontiers in Nuclear Risk, Regulation & Insurance - No.8 (NRI closed) (international webinar)

Dec 6, 2023

UK Offshore Energy Transitions and the Challenge of Integrating Oil & Gas with New Energy Technologies

Jan 24, 2024

Annual post-COP Review of International Climate Risk, Resilience & Response

Mar 6, 2024

UK Winter Review of Energy Security & Markets – Assessing Key Challenges and Uncertainties Ahead in the Context of Global Trends

Apr 24, 2024

Systemic Climate Risks & Disorderly Transitions: Implications for Financial Markets and their Resilience