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The WEF's Objectives:

The purpose of the WEF is to provide a Senior UK Leadership Network & Knowledge Exchange Programme for the strategic evaluation of climate and energy transition risks.

Founded and led by Chris Lambert since 2004, the WEF functions as a small, independent and collaborative think tank, delivering nine meetings during the political year. Its primary objectives are to:

  • Convene expert practitioners in the fields of climate risk and energy transition.
  • Share strategic information on the challenges and opportunities of decarbonisation policy, investment and innovation.
  • Inform political and corporate decisions in support of Net Zero goals and ambition.
Westminster Energy Forum Mission Image


Session One

Physical Climate Risks: global trends, scenarios, and the potential impacts of most relevance for strategic adaptation and resilience
Professor Jason Lowe, Head of Climate ServicesUK MetOffice

‘Climate Risk Frameworks in the Context of Deep Uncertainty’

CHAIR: Alexandra Bolton, CEO, Climate Governance Initiative

Deep Climate Uncertainty & Decision-Making in Business

  • Are we asking the right questions?
  • Are we seriously underestimating the extent of uncertainty?
  • Are we using the right tools for strategic decision making around Climate Change and Net Zero? 

Dr. Mark Workman, Director, Foresight Transitions, & Imperial College London

Trends in Insurable Risks and their Criteria:  international variance in responding to climate change through insurance, and in facilitating the energy transition
Michelle Radcliffe, Director, Exposure Management and Climate Analytics, Willis Towers Watson

Climate Risk Exposure – exploring perception of uncertainty and information gaps across the risk sector
Sid Miller, Programme Director - Climatewise, Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership 

Exploring Climate Risk Communication using Postcards From The Edge

Sharing Stories of Successful Adaptation & Resilience: How Positive Signposting Can Engender Wider Change
Danielle Mulder, Director – Sustainability Group, BBC

Session Two

Climate Risks and Implications for Economic and Financial Resilience – reviewing public and private sustainable financing strategies (PANEL)
Ingrid Holmes, Executive DirectorGreen Finance Institute
William Attwell, Director of Climate Research, Sustainable Fitch
Dr. Nicola Ranger, Director - Resilience and Development programme, Environmental Change Institute, Oxford University
Cath Bremner, Chief Strategy Officer, Impax Asset Management

Corporate Value at Risk from Climate Change – the importance of Energy Infrastructure & Resilience in delivering the Transition (PANEL)
Jan Bruland, Principal – Energy Practice, CRA International
Director - Investment Team, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners tbc

Philip Hoare, President of Engineering Services, AtkinsRéalis




Future Events

Future Events

May 8, 2024

Climate Risks: Implications for Financial Markets and a Resilient Transition

Jun 6, 2024

Global Issues in Nuclear New Build, Safety, Regulation & Insurance - No.8 (NRI closed webinar)

Jul 9, 2024

The Geopolitics of Energy Security and Climate Change: Evaluating Systemic Risks, Resilience & Scenarios

Sep 26, 2024

UK Climate & Energy Transition Risk Assessment: Implications for Policy and Markets ahead of COP

Nov 5, 2024

UK Onshore Energy System Review

Dec 10, 2024

UK Offshore Energy System Review

Jan 22, 2025

Annual post-COP Review of International Climate Risk, Resilience & Response