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The WEF's Objectives:

  • Convene expert practitioners in climate risk and energy transition by invitation.
  • Share strategic information on the challenges and opportunities of decarbonisation policy, investment and innovation.
  • Inform political and corporate decisions in support of Net Zero goals and ambitions.

Operationally, the WEF functions like a small think tank delivering two complementary workstreams, to a network of 150 organisations in the UK and overseas. Established in 2004, the two WEF workstreams now comprise eight or more high level events by invitation per year:

> Climate Risk & Resilience Assessments

> Energy System Transition Assessments

Westminster Energy Forum Mission Image

International Indicators & Issues - Panel 1

Global energy markets - current indicators and trends, and implications for the energy transition 
Matt Brown, Managing Director, AFRY Management Consulting

The status of the European Energy Landscape and the status of Political Coordination
Mariko Higuchi, Deputy Head of Department for Economic & Global Affairs, Embassy of Germany

With response re. UK Energy Transition implications, from Katie Williams / Gaby Jones, Partner, Ashurst 

UK Indicators & Issues - Panel 2

UK Energy indicators sitrep
Tom Griffiths, Head of Energy and Security Analysis, BEIS 

UK Net Zero appetite in a time of political and economic turbulence: the status of the social licence for the energy transition
Olivia Brajterman, Associate Director - Energy and Environment, Ipsos Mori

UK System & Security of Supply Review

UK Energy System – Review of Resilience of Infrastructure & Supply
Rich Smith,  Director of Energy Systems Management and Security of Supply, Ofgem  

Industry Energy Security Review Panel
Executive Chairman - Michael Burns, Partner, Ashurst

Rebecca Beresford, Director of Net Zero Strategy and Policy, EDF Energy 

Steven De Ranter, Managing Director, Interconnector UK

Future Events

Future Events

Mar 1, 2023

UK Energy Security & Markets Winter Review – Assessing Key Challenges and Uncertainties Ahead

Apr 25, 2023

Systemic Climate Risks & Disorderly Transitions: Implications for Financial Markets and their Resilience

May 10, 2023

Global Issues in Nuclear New Build, Safety, Regulation & Insurance (NRI open) (international webinar)

May 25, 2023

UK Energy Industry Innovation, Transformation & Delivery: Progress on Energy Security and Net Zero

Jun 7, 2023

UK Energy Industry Innovation, Transformation & Delivery: Progress on Energy Security and Net Zero

Jul 13, 2023

UK Climate Risk Assessment & Energy Transition Status - Reviewing the Deliverability of Net Zero

Sep 28, 2023

The UK's Role in the Global Energy Transition - Assessing the Strategic Levers of Policy, Industry, Trade & Investment in the Context of International Trends

Nov 2, 2023

UK Onshore Energy System Review – Security, Innovation & Net Zero Delivery

Nov 8, 2023

Frontiers in Nuclear Risk, Regulation & Insurance - No.5 (NRI closed) (international webinar)

Dec 7, 2023

UK Offshore Energy System Review - Integrating Oil & Gas with CCUS, Hydrogen & Renewables