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The WEF Future Leaders' Programme

About Our Course

The WEF Future Leaders' Programme is designed to help the transition and development of graduates and young employees, typically in their first years of employment, who are either working directly within the industry or in professional services supporting it. It comprises expert briefings on 'Issues for UK Energy Policy, and Implications for Industry'. Interactive group exercises enhance each briefing, and focus specifically on decision making skills that are transferrable to the workplace.

An additional benefit is that it divides participants into small working groups of seven or eight to encourage active networking and exchanges of views between people from different professional backgrounds.

Previously, course attendees have come from: Engineering firms, Lawyers, Construction firms, Accountants, Management Consultants, Embassies, Ofgem, Trade Associations, Financial Services, Utilities, Oil & Gas E&P, Service Co’s, OEMs & Networks.

The course comprises one core day of activities and content, with the potential for a follow-up, extension day the year after the initial course.

Module content includes:

  1. Global Energy Issues, Geopolitics, and Implications for UK Energy Security

  2. UK Energy Issues and Policymaking - Ministers, Parliament, and the Public

  3. Influencing Opinion and Outcomes - Stakeholders, Lobbying and the Media

  4. Innovation & Investment - How To Deliver a Clean, Secure Energy Future


Objectives and Outcomes

The purpose of the course is two fold:

  • To help young employees develop their knowledge base of contemporary energy policy and industrial issues affecting the sector in which they work, and how these issues interact.
  • To develop further a range of core skills used across various business operations and management within the sector, and which are transferrably useful.

75% of the course hours are directed tuition, skills development and decision-making guidance, with 25% being independent analysis on provided materials to give a total of 10 CPD hours for each day. The course also includes a one year license to access all policy outputs and materials provided by the senior executive programme of the Westminster Energy Forum.

View a video on a recent course, and participant feedback, here: