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WEF Annual Review of UK Global Energy, Climate & Sustainability Policy

Wednesday, July 17, 2019 - 09:00 to 13:00 Private Invite
  • UK Energy Transitions in a Global Context - Opportunities and Responsibilities to Facilitate a Sustainable Future

  • UK Climate Change Risk Assessment - national stocktake, and considering key areas of focus for the Government’s National Adaptation Programme

    Climate Change Committee
  • Defining and Delivering a coherent 2020-2030 Agenda between policy, industry and investors to enable clean growth and climate resilience

    Westminster Energy Forum
  • Opportunities and Barriers for Green Finance to enable clean growth and climate resilience in the UK & overseas

    Green Finance Institute
  • Sustainability & Accountability - the role and requirements of industry, Government and regulators

    CBI, Trucost (part of S&P Global)
  • A reality check on the deliverability of current technology initiatives across industry sectors

    ARUP, Ørsted UK
  • Redefining the regulatory tools required to deliver a decarbonised infrastructure transition

    National lnfrastructure Commission
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