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UK Energy Security - Cross-cutting Risks & Challenges

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 - 09:30 to 13:00 Ernst & Young, 1 More London Place, SE1 2AF, London
  • Trends in the UK's exposure to International Energy Markets

    Jon Clark, EMEIA Leader Oil & Gas Transaction Advisory Services - Ernst & Young
  • Risk of disruption to UK energy supplies - international issues and our resilience

    Jonathan Holyoak, Director, International Energy - DECC
  • Uncertainties now facing policymakers - analysis from the UK Energy Research Centre

    Prof. Rob Gross, Director, ICEPT - Imperial College London / UKERC
  • Capital Risks for UK/EU Projects and uncertainty regarding investment

    Liam O'Keefe, Finance Director - Credit Agricole
  • Uncertainties re. market risks, pricing and implications for UK industry

    Michelle Hubert, Head of Energy & Climate Change - CBI
  • European energy security: caught between short term need and long term goals

    David Buchan, Senior Research Fellow - Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
  • Strategic UK Gas import security: interrogating the 'known unknowns'

    Chris Lambert, Director - Westminster Energy
  • Current challenges to energy sector industrial strategies: managing the risks

    Paul Drabwell, Head of Domestic Energy and Climate Change, Department for Business
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