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  • "It’s good value for us. For what you get compared with commercial conferences it’s very cost effective, and you generally come away with a lot more in half the time. Value for time is particularly key, and knowing that every agenda has been informed by people at the heart of an issue".

    Head of Energy, UK EPC firm

  • "We know the esteem in which the Westminster Energy series is held in the UK. For us, as an active player in global energy markets, WEF has given us important insights into the UK sector and its particular opportunities. The quality of the discussions are impressive, and help us to identify what matters to the UK and what doesn’t".

    Economic Counsellor, Embassy, G8 Member

  • "It’s a very fair environment in which to engage, in that there is no lobbying and all points of view are considered valid. You might not necessarily agree with what some of the contributors say but the right of reply is an important element".

    UK Energy & Climate Policy Lead, NGO

  • "After more than ten years of leading debates on the risks to energy policy deployment, and through asking the awkward questions rather than the easy ones, WEF has provided a rare example of continuity in the energy arena.  Being trusted by Government and Parliamentarians to provide a safe space for a sensible discussion counts for a lot".

    Director, UK Investment Bank

  • "We have worked in partnership for many years because the WEF leadership, supported by its own cross-sectoral constituency, provide the kind of experience, deep thinking and variety on a range of policy issues that complements our own, industry-specific work".

    Director, UK Energy Industry Trade Association

  • "WEF is one of the few industry associations we continue to subscribe to as a firm. It gives us a guaranteed network of senior practitioners to meet on a regular basis, in a trusted environment where people can be frank and open".

    Head of Government Relations, Oil and Gas Major

  • "The annual cycle of private seminars is very valuable, not only to help us understand the key issues on the Government’s mind but to track connected issues throughout the year. It is different because it provides this integrated approach".

    Global Energy Partner, ‘Magic Circle’ Law Firm