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Review of UK Renewables Policy & Deployment

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 - 09:00 to 13:00 Allen & Overy HQ, London
  • Renewables delivery in the context of wider energy market goals: the relevance of the FIT & RO from the E-Serve perspective

    OFGEM E-Serve
  • Assessing UK renewables strategy in the context of the UK energy market and the COP21 outcomes

  • Competitive pressures across the energy sector: specific issues for delivering renewables & sustainable solutions

  • Investment in renewables across Europe and beyond: different policy frameworks to stimulate growth

    Fitch Ratings
  • Balancing UK supply and demand: road-mapping the potential of UK's energy grid and storage to optimise intermittency

    GE Power
  • Reviewing industry status and potential in the differing renewable sectors

    Crown Estate
  • Technology potential and supply chain challenges in UK Offshore

    MHI Vestas
  • The UK as a strategic opportunity for renewables: a European corporate view

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