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The Future of the UKCS - Integrating Sector Strategy In The Context of Net Zero

Wednesday, December 9, 2020 - 09:00 to 13:00 Online Webinar hosted by Linklaters
  • Annual Regulatory Update and Strategic Context of the UKCS – an Integrated Approach

    Kristina Dahlstrom, Head of Policy and Strategy, Oil & Gas Authority (OGA)
  • Annual Economic & Sustainability Update – 2020 in Review, and look ahead to COP26

    Mike Tholen, Director of Sustainability, OGUK
  • ‘Big Energy’ in Transition - translating corporate strategy into action, and COP26 contexts

    Malika Ishwaran, Senior Economist, Shell
  • LNG in the context of global market trends

    Andrew Walker, Managing Director, Cheniere UK
  • An Integrated Energy Vision for the UKCS

    Stephen Sheal, External Relationship Director, The OGTC
  • UK Sustainable Infrastructure: The Challenges & Opportunities in Integrated Offshore and Onshore Energy Systems 

    Tara Schmidt, Vice-President, Strategic Planning, Wood
  • Bringing Commercial Definition to the Strategic Potential of Hydrogen as an Energy Carrier

    Angie Needle, Director of Strategy, Cadent Gas
  • The context of a Hydrogen Economy for Intergating the Offshore and Onshore Energy Sectors

    Rita Wadey, Deputy Director Hydrogen Economy, BEIS