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The Future of UK Power, Gas & Networks

Tuesday, November 5, 2019 - 09:00 to 13:00 London
  • The value of a low carbon UK for strategic Energy Security: key challenges to overcome

  • Accelerating the innovation and deployment of clean energy tech in support of carbon goals

    Energy Systems Catapult
  • Project finance patterns and trends towards a ‘net zero’ power, gas and networks space

    Lloyds Bank
  • Insight and incentives required to maintain a viable decarbonised gas network

    Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
  • The future balance of Centralised and Decentralised Power to optimise strategic decarbonisation

    Ofgem, National Grid
  • Integrating innovation with infrastructure to deliver decarbonisation – ‘FutureSmart’ perspectives

    UK Power Networks
  • Reconciling cyber as the key enabler and Achilles hell of a digitalised, interconnected energy system

    Western Power Distribution
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