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Climate Uncertainties & Risks - the Strategic Challenges of Adaptation & Resilience

Tuesday, January 21, 2020 - 09:00 to 13:00 London
  • COP26 - catalysing global coordination on emissions reduction via UK led policy themes

    Cabinet Office
  • Economic resilience in the face of climate change - financial stress testing processes ahead

    Bank of England
  • Overview of The Strategic Security Implications of Climate Change

    Ministry of Defence
  • Preparing for Four Degrees+ : explaining the prudent approach to UK national climate resilience

    Environment Agency
  • The integrity of global climate models – critically considering the latest scientific indicators and warnings from the oceans and the cryosphere

    British Antarctic Survey
  • Introducing the UK Global Resilience Summit

    Dept. for International Trade
  • Net Zero - where we are and where we need to be: options and trade-offs for the 6th Carbon Budget

    Committee on Climate Change
  • UK Energy Policy Review 2019 - warning signs for the clean energy transition?

    UK Energy Research Centre
  • Emerging geostrategic implications of Climate Change, and the varying international drivers for global decarbonisation

    University of London
  • Key priorities for the FCO - the UK’s role with international partners to support a global clean energy transition

    Foreign & Commonwealth Office
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