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Climate Risk, Corporate Strategy, & Energy Transitions pt 2

Tuesday, October 13, 2020 - 09:00 to 13:00 London
  • Towards UK Net Zero: the role of climate-related financial disclosure in leveraging essential, strategic cross-sector investment

    Financial Conduct Authority
  • Trends in insurance assessment of climate impacts and long term ‘value at risk’

    ClimateWise, Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership
  • The economic tipping points of the clean energy transition and implications for investors

    Carbon Tracker Initiative
  • The Inevitable Policy Response to Climate Change by 2025 - preparing financial markets for the investments necessary

    Vivid Economics
  • Towards Net zero countries: the rising geo-economic case

    COP26 Team
  • Sustainable Finance – how climate change currently impacts credit profiles, and how that might change as transition occurs

    Fitch Ratings
  • ‘Big Energy’ in Transition – Translating corporate strategy into action

  • UK Clean Growth Strategy - update on progress and priority challenges in the COP26 year