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About WEF Outreach 2020

WEF Outreach Film Series

To complement our webinars and to help maintain continuity during the COVID-19 hiatus for the community of policymakers, public bodies, industry, investors and NGOs with whom we work the WEF produced 40 short films on key energy and climate issues that reached over 5000 key stakeholders. The purpose was to:

1.  Demonstrate the resilience of the sector at this time, and to address emerging concerns raised by regularly exploring key issues and themes in the programmes.

2.   Maintain confidence in the sector - and each other - by providing insights into key areas of common interest and showing the sector’s momentum.

3.   Show how the sector’s adaptability to the broad range of critical energy, climate and sustainability issues at this critical time is keeping the 2030 and 2050 goals alive.


The key themes that the programmes covered included:

1.   UK Energy Security & System

2.   Energy Markets & Investment Review

3.   Energy & Climate Change Research Update (UKRI)

4.   Global Climate Action Update

5.   Net Zero Transition Challenges

6.   Climate Change Deep Dive – feature

7.   UK Energy Industry & Supply Chains

8.   Global Sustainability Challenges

9.   Negative Emissions Technologies


Episode 1  -  Apr 28 -  Energy Security  -

Episode 2  -  May 22  -  UK Energy Market -

Episode 3  -  Jun 9 - Renewables -

Episode 4 - June 22 - Africa Special - Energy Access & Climate Risk -

Episode 5 - July 5 - Urban Energy Contexts for sustinable Technology -

Episode 6 - July 16 - LIVE Broadcast

Episode 7 - July 28 - The Delivery of Resilient & Sustainable Insfrastructure -

All WEF Outreach films are HD but playback resolution may vary subject to user bandwidth and buffering rates – if so, adjust playback rate in the settings cog on the bottom right of the Vimeo playbar, although ‘Auto’ should pick the best option available.