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About the Forum

The Westminster Energy Forum (WEF) is an independent UK industry association whose remit is:

"To convene senior practitioners from across the UK energy and climate sector in order to help identify, and to evaluate, the key strategic issues and risks that may affect the design and delivery of UK policy and energy infrastructure."

WEF operates as a mutual trusted entity to monitor emerging and systemic challenges to the UK energy sector, working across sector silos in the overall national interest.  The WEF programme delivers independent insight and continuity for the sector via a long-established network of organisations who, together, help to assess emerging risks and ensure that the right practitioners come together to consider the relative importance of these issues for future decision-making. 

WEF does not undertake lobbying, and is neither trade association nor commercial event provider.  Support comes from a wide range of industry via annual subscriptions that enable the WEF to also convene the other, requisite experts from across the public sector and NGO domains who, together with industry, form the UK energy sector ‘value chain’.  WEF also has a strong track record of external actions and thought leadership at a senior level, both within the UK and internationally.

7 Key Features that Deliver Value:

The WEF Programme delivers 3 defined workstreams on National Strategy, Conventional Energy & Smarter Energy Systems, each designed to support the strategic goals of Government, Industry and the Risk Markets.  Working with these stakeholders WEF assesses the key challenges and knowledge gaps that are in a common national interest.

WEF increasingly embeds Enterprise Risk as a core principle in order to consider risks and forces that may impact multiple industries across the various sector silos. This cross-sectoral working is an explicit function of the WEF.

Assessment cycles are used to inform seminar agendas and to convene the correct mix of senior stakeholders.  This process requires consideration of three key elements: the UK’s National Requirements, her Industrial Capability & the overarching Risk Ecosystem.

The result is a high-level, integrated London Seminar Programme serving the UK energy and climate community that is cross-sectorial, risk-based and outcome-focused. It is supported by a range of high level external activities and thought leadership.

WEF liaison with the UK Government and Public Sector agencies is actively managed, to maintain both a clear understanding of current and emerging issues and to ensure continuity with the various offices concerned.

The WEF constituency is well-established – more than 150 organisations, with a 50:50 Public-Private sector split, across 3 workstreams of Enterprise Risks, Conventional Energy & Smarter Energy Systems have come together at least eight times a year since 2004.

WEF Stakeholder Benefits include:

  • Invite-only Expert Seminars specific to particular WEF workstreams
  • Actionable outputs for wider dissemination
  • Networking Continuity & Future Leadership support throughout the WEF programme
  • Opportunities for Knowledge Sharing


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